Table 3

Conditions with consensus to always include and usually include unless there is a specific reason not to in a multimorbidity measure, by panel, based on Delphi surveys. Data are percentage of panellists agreeing (and Delphi survey round (R)) unless stated otherwise

ConditionAlways include conditionUsually include condition*Difficulty parameter estimate in both panels (logit)†
Professional panellistsPublic panellistsProfessional panellistsPublic panellists
Heart failure90.0 (R1)83.9 (R2)−3.1
Chronic liver disease88.5 (R1)80.6 (R2)−3.5
Diabetes87.3 (R1)71.0 (R2)−3.5
Parkinson’s disease86.6 (R1)77.4 (R2)−2.8
End stage kidney disease86.4 (R1)90.3 (R2)−2.0
Coronary artery disease82.7 (R1)74.2 (R2)−2.6
Dementia82.6 (R1)83.3 (R2)−2.3
Multiple sclerosis80.7 (R1)77.4 (R2)−1.9
Stroke80.0 (R1)80.6 (R2)−2.6
Chronic kidney disease79.3 (R1)80.6 (R2)−2.8
HIV/AIDS78.5 (R1)71.0 (R2)−1.5
Metastatic cancers77.4 (R1)70.8 (R1)−1.3
Haematological cancers77.2 (R1)70.8 (R1)−1.9
Solid organ cancers76.5 (R1)70.8 (R1)−2.0
Cystic fibrosis75.8 (R1)74.2 (R2)−1.3
Epilepsy73.0 (R1)71.0 (R2)−2.2
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease85.9 (R1)No consensus96.8 (R2)−3.1
Inflammatory bowel disease82.6 (R1)No consensus100 (R2)−1.9
Connective tissue disease79.7 (R1)No consensus93.3 (R2)−2.3
Paralysis (other than stroke)76.0 (R1)No consensus93.3 (R2)−0.9
Schizophrenia75.2 (R1)No consensus93.5 (R2)−1.6
Peripheral arterial disease71.1 (R1)No consensus96.8 (R2)−1.6
Asthma70.7 (R1)No consensus80.6 (R2)−1.1
Addison’s diseaseNo consensus70.8 (R2)86.9 (R2)−0.8
Depression92.9 (R2)77.4 (R2)−0.9
Heart valve disorders92.0 (R2)100 (R2)−1.6
Bipolar disorder90.0 (R2)93.5 (R2)−1.1
Melanoma88.2 (R2)100 (R2)−1.1
Bronchiectasis86.7 (R3)88.0 (R3)−0.7
Osteoarthritis84.7 (R2)87.1 (R2)−0.5
Pancreatic disease84.4 (R2)96.7 (R2)−0.7
Arrhythmia83.9 (R2)85.7 (R2)−0.4
Thyroid disorders82.7 (R2)87.1 (R2)−0.3
Venous thrombotic disease82.4 (R2)96.8 (R2)−0.5
Drug or alcohol misuse81.8 (R2)74.2 (R2)−0.02
Anaemia81.7 (R2)96.7 (R2)−0.4
Chronic Lyme disease81.3 (R3)79.2 (R3)−0.03
Transient ischaemic attack80.4 (R2)96.8 (R2)−0.4
Treated cancer requiring surveillance79.3 (R3)80.0 (R3)0.01
Eating disorders79.1 (R2)74.2 (R2)0.2
Vision impairment that cannot be corrected78.6 (R2)74.2 (R2)0.1
Long term musculoskeletal problems due to injury78.4 (R3)70.8 (R3)0.2
Tuberculosis82.4 (R2)90.3 (R2)0.07
Endometriosis75.7 (R2)89.3 (R2)0.1
Chronic primary pain75.3 (R3)80.0 (R3)0.2
Hearing impairment that cannot be corrected73.9 (R2)74.2 (R2)0.4
Peptic ulcer73.9 (R2)83.9 (R2)0.3
Post-traumatic stress disorder73.4 (R2)74.2 (R2)0.5
Post-acute covid-1973.4 (R3)92.0 (R3)0.2
Benign cerebral tumours73.3 (R3)76.0 (R3)0.4
Peripheral neuropathy73.1 (R2)96.7 (R2)0.1
Hypertension (untreated)73.0 (R2)71.0 (R2)0.4
Congenital disease and chromosomal abnormalities72.6 (R2)90.0 (R2)0.2
Chronic urinary tract infection71.8 (R2)86.7 (R2)0.3
Aneurysm71.6 (R3)96.8 (R2)0.5
Meniere’s disease71.3 (R2)71.0 (R2)0.5
Osteoporosis70.3 (R2)80.6 (R2)0.5
Autism70.1 (R2)87.1 (R2)0.5
Hypertension (treated)80.4 (R2)No consensus0.3
Anxiety80.0 (R2)No consensus0.4
Gout76.1 (R2)No consensus0.4
  • *Consensus of conditions to usually include is defined as more than 70% of panellists rated conditions as always include or usually include.

  • †Used to examine endorsement (see also online supplemental table S14).