Table 3

Predictors of time to publication of covid-19 trial preprints

Median (95% CI) time to publication (days)P value
 Industry funding (n=47)171 (145 to NA)0.72
 No industry funding (n=127)219 (177 to NA)
 Government funding (n=78)155 (120 to 192)0.02
 No government funding (n=96)309 (183 to NA)
 Institutional funding (n=58)136 (90 to NA)0.14
 No institutional funding (n=116)192 (166 to NA)
 Not-for-profit funding (n=26)110 (79 to NA)0.07
 No not-for-profit funding (n=148)188 (161 to NA)
No of centres
 Single centre (n=65)Undefined (130 to undefined)0.13
 Multicentre (n=90)161 (136 to 219)
No of participants
 More than median (n=88)142 (120 to NA)0.14
 Less than median (n=85)219 (171 to NA)
Intensity of care
 Inpatient (n=122)110 (95 to 144)<0.0001
 Outpatient (n=38)Undefined
 Mild or moderate disease (n=79)182 (159 to 263)0.00001
 Severe or critical disease (n=42)37101 (89 to 128)
 Early termination for benefitNANA
Primary outcome significance
 Significant (n=77)243 (155 to undefined)0.12
 Not significant (n=91)161 (127 to 219)
Any secondary outcomes statistically significant
 Significant (n=96)187 (120 to NA)0.66
 Not significant (n=64)152 (120 to NA)
Risk of bias
 Low (n=52)155 (124 to 187)0.17
 High (n=102)122 (98 to 161)
  • CI= confidence interval; NA=not available. Upper bounds of confidence intervals could often not be estimated owing to insufficient follow-up of preprints.