Table 2

COS-STAD recommendations for core outcome sets3

Domain and item NoMinimum standard item
1Setting (eg, research, routine care, or both)
2Health condition (eg, colorectal cancer)
3Population (eg, all patients, localised or advanced cancer, women or children)
4Intervention (eg, trials of all interventions, surgery only)
Relevant stakeholder(s)
5Those who will use the core outcome sets in research (eg, clinical trialists, industry)
6Healthcare professionals with experience of patients with the condition (eg, clinical experts, practitioners, investigators with particular experience of the condition)
7Patients with the condition or their representatives (eg, patients, public, participants who have experienced the condition, family members, carers)
Transparent consensus process
8Initial list of outcomes considered both healthcare professionals' and patients' views
9A scoring process and consensus definition is described a priori
10Criteria for including, dropping, or adding outcomes are described a priori
11Care is taken to avoid ambiguity of language used in the list of outcomes
  • COS-STAD=core outcome set-standards for development.